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Article 1: Purpose

The municipality of Differdange in collaboration with its cultural commission organises the 9th sculpture symposium from 24 May to 04 June 2023 in Differdange.

This event has the following objectives:

  • To make the art of sculpture known to the public (work in front of the public)
  • To promote the participating artists
  • To produce original works that will be part of the cultural heritage of the City of Differdange
  • To have an educational role towards children
Article 2: General terms and conditions

The number of sculptors for this event is limited to 6.

The artists will work outdoors under protected and equipped workshop spaces by the organiser.

The artists will sculpt for ten days and will work with the material of their choice, which will be financed by the organiser. The setting up of the material will be provided by the organiser.

Each sculptor will have at his disposal the materials and equipment requested (electricity, compressed air and water) in agreement with the organisation. The sculptors must use their own sculpting and finishing tools.

The symposium will take place regardless of the weather conditions.

Article 3: Theme and dimensions

The theme of this edition is “Perpetuum Mobile”.

The jury would like to reflect the dynamism of our growing and changing city in these works. The history of the city of Differdange is closely linked to the steel industry. But although steel has shaped the identity of our city in the past and is still very much present today, the city and its inhabitants are no longer defined solely by industry. The unique multicultural society of Differdange of which we are very proud and which is a real “melting pot” of cultures with more than 104 different nationalities residing in our municipality is now also defined by a multitude of other sectors of activity and in particular the sector of the creative professions. Indeed, Differdange is home to a “creative hub” housed in the former workshops of the iron and steel factory, which accommodates some seventy companies with several hundred employees. This unique project in Luxembourg has brought an incomparable dynamic to the city.

To honour this society in motion, the jury asks the artists to integrate one or more moving elements into their work. The movement can be caused by the wind or the water, for example, or triggered manually by the viewer for a more interactive aspect with the work.

The organiser will provide each sculptor with the material(s) needed to create their project. The works will be intended for outdoor locations if possible; this should be taken into account when choosing the material. The maximum height of the project must be 250 cm and the minimum 180 cm, and the maximum width 150 cm and the minimum 80 cm.

The maximum weight should not exceed 800kg.

Article 4: Selection procedure

Due to the number of applications, the organiser cannot accept all the proposals.

A selection by the jury is essential.

The artists will be selected on the basis of a dossier including the project that they will have to carry out on site within 12 days (beginning of the symposium on Wednesday, 24 May 2023). The creations must be completed by Sunday 04 June at 5 pm).

The closing ceremony will take place on the same day.

The selection jury will be composed of professionals and representatives of the municipality. It will select 6 projects.

Documents to be provided for registration :

  • Commitment contract
  • Curriculum vitae with a recent photo of the artist
  • 5 photos of completed sculptures including at least one monumental sculpture
  • Drawing and 1/10th scale model of the planned project (mandatory!)
  • A brief summary of the project

In the event that the sculptor is unable to complete his or her work due to absenteeism, the contract will be terminated immediately, which means that the commission and the cost of accommodation and meals will be cancelled. Another artist, selected but on a complementary waiting list, will then be invited to participate in the symposium in place of the defaulting artist.

Registration for the symposium must be made before 16 December 2022 on the website:

Additional information by e-mail:

(The organiser reserves the right to change the duration of the event and the number of sculptors)

The jury will decide on the admission of the candidates to the symposium on the basis of the documents requested. Their final registration will be communicated to them at the end of January 2023.

The jury’s choice will be final. Files will not be returned.

Article 5: Financial conditions

Each sculptor will receive 2500 euros (two thousand five hundred euros) for his or her work at the end of the symposium.

Article 6: Accommodation and meals

The accommodation of the artists residing abroad as well as the meals and drinks for all the participating sculptors will be provided and paid for by the organisation from Tuesday evening (23 May 2023) to Monday morning (05 June 2023). No other compensation can be claimed.

Travel expenses are not covered, the sculptors will have to travel by their own means to Differdange.

Any accompanying persons will have to pay for their own accommodation, meals, drinks, etc. Please indicate the number of such persons in advance.

Article 7: Copyright and intellectual property

The municipal administration reserves the right to publish the works for information, publicity or publishing purposes. The sculptures will become the property of the organiser. The sculptures will be permanently installed on the territory of Differdange. The artists will retain only the moral rights.

Media coverage will be ensured by sending press kits to the written press, television, general and specialised press, at local, national and international level.

Article 8: Insurance and social cover

The selected artist is required to ensure the safety of those around him/her. He/she shall take out Civil Liability insurance at his/her own expense and shall be responsible for all procedures and costs relating to his/her social protection. He/she must provide the organiser with the certificates relating to his/her insurance and social protection, at the latest on the day of his/her arrival.